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PowerTab solar panel

PowerTab solar panel

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This rigid portable solar panel allows you to recharge all that you want (cellphone, lights, flashlights, camera, i-pad, etc.) when there isn’t any electric power.

How? Simply thanks to the sun’s energy!

Sunshine is free! : ))

You can write on your i-pad outdoors while it recharges, you can use it camping or in a tent to keep a light on and/or recharge your cellphone even in a mountain cabin or in a boat.

It has been projected to recharge, through a USB connection, the majority of your electronic devices (smartphone, camera, MP3 player, i-pads and GPS) by using the solar energy.

It has 5 Watt power ad it is very light, thus perfect for all of you who don’t want to run out of energy.


Color: black

Technical data: 5 Watt power, accumulator with a capacity of 6.000 mAh

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