About us

The shop

I decided to open this shop with the collaboration of some friends who share my same interests and ideals, in order to offer:

  • eco-life and eco-friendly products;
  • excellent products for the prevention and for the physical and emotional wellness, tested and select by us over the years;
  • classes, meetings and seminars for the prevention and for the physical and emotional wellness (starting in Spring 2017);
  • opportunities of meetings and appointments with renowned professionals in the field of prevention and wellness in general, some of which are both doctors and naturopaths (starting in 2018).


Annalisa Bianchi, founder

I grew this interest as a hobby since 1995, alongside my 24 years long job as managing and sales director in medium-sized companies active in the field of industrial automation and probiotics, after my studies at Mendrisio high school and at L. Bocconi University in Milan.

I attended from 1995 to 2001 the E.I.E.H.T (European Institute for Education in Holistic Therapy) obtaining my diploma as chromo-son therapist in 2001 (energetic medicine and vibrational therapies).

Since then, I attend every year the updating classes proposed by that institute.

1998 to 2001 I attended the three-years classes of naturopathy at LUINA's (Free Italian University of Applied Naturopathy) in a section relocated in Milan over the weekends.

Over those years and the following ones I could get to know several products and producers, to meet experts and professionals in many subjects related to wellness and the (both physical and emotional) health of human beings and the respect for the whole Creation.

Just like Saint Thomas, I could verify:

on the one side, improvements and results reached by some clients/patients in some medical and/or naturopathic practices in Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy, as I gathered with some coworkers the results of such therapies in several practices/wellness and treatment centers in a report commissioned by the Fondation Radiance Internationale of Ronse, in Belgium, during my volunteering years

and on the other hand to test on myself some therapies, with personal benefit which led to being fully convinced by the experience.

I hope that this selection of products, classes and seminars could be profitable, useful and precious for people that contact us and that it allows to save some time searching for those things.

Annalisa Bianchi