Collection: Handcrafted artistic candles

These candles are 100% handcrafted with love, guaranteeing therefore the uniqueness of the product. They contain:

- food paraffin (not deriving from petroleum) made in Europe, refined with eco-sustainable technologies, non-toxic (suitable also for people with allergies)
- essential oils 100% organic, natural and pure
- wick 100% cotton, made in Europe.

Packaging: materials used are totally ecological; on the box, you can find the instructions for the correct use of the candle.
The high quality of these candles is demonstrated also by its long duration (candles to be found at supermarket usually last 1/3 to 1/4 less) and by the fact that they don't drip. 

These products are distributed esxclusively by our BSA Sagl in Switzerland, France and Germany.