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LEAF flexible solar panel

LEAF flexible solar panel

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This high quality and flexible solar panel

  • can be used with all sort of backpack that you have already, every handbag, sport bag, bike bag, etc.
  • it has been projected to be attached to all backpacks and handbags in general
  • it allows full energetic self-sufficiency for the entire day: you can charge all that you want (cellphone, lights, flashlights, camera, i-pad, etc.) simply by using the energy from the sun or its light in case of clouds.

The sun energy is free of charge! : ))

And it is ecological, thus nonpolluting!


Color: black

Dimensions: height 29 cm, width 24,5 cm, depth 0,1 cm

Weight: 130 gr

Technical data: power 3,2 Watt. External accumulator of 2200 mAh included

Thanks to a USB connection, it can directly charge such electronic devices as smartphone, camera, MP3 Player, i-pads and GPS, through the solar energy.

LEAF includes an external battery of 2200 mAh, it has a surface scratch and bump proof, which is also resistant to bad weather conditions.

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