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Solar backpack

Solar backpack

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This backpack with a built-in solar panel allows you to have trips and go out being fully energy self-sufficient: you are totally energy independent for the whole day (hiking, biking, on boat trips, at school,...).

What a wonderful independence!

Combined with the energy accumulator PowerBank, you can save the energy collected during the day, also for the night, allowing you thus to recharge everything you want  24h a day.

The solar backpack is a high quality product, equipped with a 5 Watt removable solar panel, that you can detach from the backpack and place it for example on a football field to recharge any kind of electronic device, such as smartphone, camera, MP3 player, I-pad and GPS, through its built-in USB connection.

The removable solar panel includes a cover that protects it in case of rain, and the backpack can host a 15'' notebook.

Material: 1680D Ripstop

Color: black

Dimensions: height 32cm, width 42 cm, depth 22 cm

Volume: 25 liters

Technical data: 5 Watt solar panel

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