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Menstrual Cup - Measure A

Menstrual Cup - Measure A

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The silicone menstrual cup: a viable alternative to tampons and towels.

The Mooncup is designed by women for women.
Practical, economic, ecological, ethics.

No more stains, no more irritation and vaginal dryness.
For many years you will need one cup: it will help you save money and PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT.

The cup is made of hypoallergenic silicone. It does not alter the balance of the vaginal mucosa, it does not deposite in the vagina other fibers: your body will not be in contact with chemicals.

It is ideal for traveling, swimming, sports and night.

It is well tolerated by women with very sensitive skin or allergies.

Inside the cup you`ll find some handy measuring marks to help you monitor your menstrual flow.
The menstrual cup is inserted folded and opens itself once inserted into the vagina. It should be emptied every 4-8 hours depending on the intensity of the flow. Then just rinse and wipe dry with a towel and put it back. Can be sterilized between each cycle and the other to have the greatest guarantee of hygiene.

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