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BitterKraft Original - Hildegard Produkte

BitterKraft Original - Hildegard Produkte

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Trust a Classic! The herbal formula of BitterKraft!®Original was created according to the famous medieval herbalist Hildegard von Bingen. The formula contains a traditional combination of stimulating and delicate herbs that have been long appreciated in the herbal traditions of ancient cultures. Those are bitter herbs, and this bitterness is precisely one of the strength of BitterKraft!®Original, first of all because it means it is alkaline and works thus against hyperacidity. Moreover the adstringent effect in the mouth due to bitterness enhances secretions from liver, gall bladder and pancreas, revitalizing a whole range of digestive functions. Therefore it has to be taken prior to eating.

BitterKraft!® Original formula helps the body’s natural mechanisms by relieving digestive disturbances, indigestion and flatulence, but it is not a laxative. It contains ginger and galangal that are the gold medalist of the spice rack, having one of the highest antioxidant levels of all spices. The heat on your tongue is evidence of gingerols, capsaicin and piperine.

If the bitter taste scares you off, you can mix BitterKraft!®Original with some water or orange juice. The taste is pleasant.

Ingredients  Water, Angelica Root, Gentian Root, Cardamom Seeds, Turmeric, Cinnamon Bark, Galangal, Yellow Ginger, Artichoke, and Milk Thistle Leaves and 22 % vol. alcohol

Suggested Use  Twice a day 15 drops prior to meals, plain or mixed with water or juice

4 x 200 ml BitterKraft!®Original, without shelf life.

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