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Solar Barbecue

Solar Barbecue

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The solar light is the basic element which leads to the cooking, There are no tangible differences between summer and winter but what matters is the time of use (the maximum solar radiation is in the middle of the day) and the clearness of the atmosphere. The solar barbeque reaches maximum temperature of 230°-240° (medium temperature for food cooking is 180°-200°) and no preheating time required: when there is solar exposure, food starts immediately to cook. The solar barbeque is ecological: anodized aluminium base, natural wood structual part free of chemical varnish solvents. Fully recycled cardboard packaging (no polystyrene, no nylon nor plastic material). It is easily transportable, base with three slip off and closable legs. Further equipped with fat and cooking oil drip tray to avoid soiling the mirror, easily removable for quick cleaning and adjustable spit on 6 fixed positions (for a throughout cooking), predisposed for automatic battery rotating spit use.

Materials: Anodized aluminum base, structural part made of natual wood free of chemical varnish solvents. Plastic reflective foil. Fully recycled carton  packaging (no polystyrene, no nylon nor plastic material).

Colour: wood

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