BM 1042 Effect "Natural defense"

BM 1042 Effect "Natural defense"

BM 1042 Effect "Natural defense"

-     It fortifies and supports our immunitary system.

-     Even in case of fever, it is excellent to be combined with the product “skin” for the bath (2042).

-     Excellent to be used at seasons changes, combined with “Effect Vitality” (1095) and    

      “Effect Purification” (1026), that is the Wellbeing Formula (1042+1095+1026).

150 ml

CHF 27.86

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To fortify and support the immune system.

For internal and external use.

It is recommended to shake the bottle before using it and in the hot season to store it preferably in the fridge once opened.

Possible plant debris in the bottom of the bottle are perfectly normal.

(These products are not medicines. Please contact Ama-Ti Center ( for questions and instructions).

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  • Weight - gr 125