AF 203 Awakening - indifference

AF 203 Awakening - indifference

AF 203 Awakening - indifference

It offers a healthy effect of awakening.

For people day-dreaming, being tired, beating around the bush, for people suffering from melancholy, being indifferent, for people learning with difficulties or slowly.


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To drink:

Adults – 1 coffee spoon before going to bed

Children younger than 12 years old – halved adult dose

Babies – 3 drops before going to bed

Application point: rub some product on the neck.

Inhale the open bottle from the nose, 3 times for each nostril, alternately, keeping the other one closed.

It is recommended to shake the bottle before using it and in the hot season to store it preferably in the fridge once opened.

Possible plant debris in the bottom of the bottle are perfectly normal.

(These products are not medicines. Please contact Ama-Ti Center for questions and instructions). 

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